Long Whatton Show Started in 2001 in the rear padddock of The Royal Oak on the village green, initially as a ‘tallest sunflower’ competition, until it was suggested we expand and have a few more stalls!!!

After 3 years the rear paddock at The Royal Oak had undergone building construction, and so we moved to our current site on the school field.

The first show attracted around 150 people and we’ve seen over 1,000 through the gates I’m good years!

We still use the sunflower image as our logo even though like the sunflower, the show has grown quite a lot since the first seed was planted.

Over the years the show has raised money for various charities and also groups within the village, some being:

  • SPLIT (Supporting Paediatric Liver Intestinal Transplantation).
  • Heartlink at Glenfield Hospital
  • Loros
  • Derby Breast Cancer Unit
  • Leicester and Rutland Air Ambulance
  • Help For Heros
  • Helping Hand Fund
  • The Teenage Cancer Trust

Thank you,
Chris Byrne
Event Leader 2001 – present.